Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Take a right at the rainbow bridge...

...and if you get lost, ask the squirrel for directions.

This is my second piece for Acidfree Gallery's Myth's and Monsters show opening this Friday, July 27th. I wanted to do a piece based on cosmology of Norse mythology and the nine homeworlds unified by the world tree Yggdrasill. I think my favorite part about the world of Norse myth is the squirrel named Ratatoskr who runs up and down the tree relaying insults to eagle perched atop to the dragon Nidhogg below.

This print along with my other "Have You Seen Me?" will go on sale this Friday, July 27th at 12:30pm EST. Click here to purchase one! Below are all the details about the print...

Norse Cosmology
Edition of 30 printed on 270 gsm archival smooth fine art paper
Size: 11"x17" • Price: $35.00
(There will also be a 1 of 1 edition printed on canvas)

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