Tuesday, July 16, 2019

New Website Daveperilloart.com

Hey kids, so I've created a brand new website where i'll be updating with new artwork and an archive of some of my older projects, along with contact info and a shop link. Check it out here: www.daveperilloart.com

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

2018 year end wrap up...

Since I seriously neglected keeping this updated here's a post with a bunch of things I worked on over 2018, links and details below each image if they're available.

One of the biggest things I worked on this past June was another two-person show at Gallery 1988 with Tom Whalen, the theme was "Versus" featuring sets of mini sized 4"x4" prints facing off against each other. Here's a sampling of some from the show, and if you're interested in purchasing any of the ones that didn't sell out here's a link to remaining prints: https://nineteeneightyeight.com/search?q=perillo+versus

And this one was done for Gallery 1988's Product Placement group show this past September

"For Children With Very Little Pocket Money"
Edition of 35 - 12"x18" 2-color screenprint

Here's a few prints I did for Bottleneck Gallery

Edition of 150 - 12"x36" 8-color screenprint

"Rick & Morty" 
Edition of 150 - 18"x24" 7-color screenprint

Here's a few I did for Grey Matter Art


"Thanos - Infinite Since 1973" 
Edition of 125 - 12"x24" 4-color screenprint on Gold Metallic Paper


"Spider-Gwen - Spectacular Since 2014" 
Edition of 100 - 12"x24" 4-color screenprint

"Howard the Duck - Eggcellent Since 1973" 
Edition of 100 - 12"x24" 4-color screenprint


Edition of 225 - 12"x36" 7-color screenprint

Here's a few I did for Mondo

"The Powerpuff Girls" 
Edition of 200 - 18"x24" 7-color screenprint


"TMNT 2012" 
Edition of 225 - 18"x24" 9-color screenprint


"Incredibles 2 - Glass and Sketchbook design" 
Available through Alamo Drafthouse

Edition of 135 - 16"x24" 6-color screenprint


"Mike's New Car - Pixar Shorts Series" 
Edition of 150 - 18"x12" 6-color screenprint


"Presto - Pixar Shorts Series" 
Edition of 170 - 18"x12" 8-color screenprint


"Boundin' - Pixar Shorts Series" 
Edition of 150 - 18"x12" 6-color screenprint

A few from Phenom Gallery


"Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary" 
Edition of 200 - 18"x24" 4-color screenprint

"NBA Mascots" 
Edition of 300 - 12"x36" 6-color screenprint

"Bob's Burgers" 
Edition of 150 - 12"x24" 7-color screenprint
One for Dark Ink Art

"Globex Corp" 
Edition of 250 - 12"x24" 5-color screenprint

Here's one for Mad Duck Posters 


"Here Comes Peter Cottontail" 
Edition of 65 - 18"x24" 7-color screenprint

This is one I did for Geek Art

 "Street Fighter 2"
Edition of 200 - approx 13"x37.5" giclee print

Here's a few posters I did to promote screenings at the historic Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, PA



And finally a really fun project I worked on for 25th Century Games, "Christmas Lights" A Card Game.



Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A couple things from the past few months...

Thought it's about to time to post a few things that i've worked on over the past few months. Some of these are sold out but if they're still available I'll include links to where they can purchased below the artwork.

Monopoly - Planet of the Apes Edition for Usaopoly
Available Here: Think Geek

"Rugrats" for Mondo
Edition of 175 - 18"x24" 7-color screenprint

"Down at Fraggle Rock" for Bottleneck Galley
Edition of 60 - 12"x12" 8-color screenprint

"He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Special" - Reg & Variant for Mad Duck Posters
Edition of 200 (Reg) & 100 (Var) - 18"x24" 7-color screenprint

"Detroit Red Wings - 2017-2018" for Phenom Gallery
Edition of 250 - 18"x24" 3-color screenprint

"Crazy Stairs - Family Guy" for Toddland
Edition of 100 - 18"x24" 4-color screenprint

"You're Special - Fallout" for Bethesda Games
Edition of 500 - 18"x24" 5-color screenprint

"Ratchet & Clank" for Cyclops Print Works
Edition of 150 - 12"x12" 6-color screenprint

Friday, November 10, 2017

Long Overdue Update...

So I have seriously been neglecting this blog, below is an update of a whole bunch of things that have been released since the last time I published something....

First up is a few released with Bottleneck Gallery:

Halloween III: Season of the Witch
18"x24" screenprint • limited edition

18"x24" screenprint • limited edition

12"x36" screenprint • limited edition

12"x36" screenprint • limited edition

Some from the Cyclops Print Works and Mondo Disney show:

Lady and the Tramp
18"x24" screenprint • limited edition

Gravity Falls
18"x24" screenprint • limited edition

A few from Grey Matter Art:

12"x36" screenprint • limited edition

12"x24" screenprint • limited edition

12"x24" screenprint • limited edition

12"x24" screenprint • limited edition

12"x24" screenprint • limited edition

12" x36" screenprint • limited edition

Some from Dark Hall Mansion:

12" x36" screenprint • limited edition

12"x24" giclee print • limited edition

Two 12"x12" giclee prints • limited edition

One for All Star Press out of Chicago:

12"x36" screenprint • limited edition