Friday, May 20, 2016

New look and a new post

Gave the ol' blog a fresh coat of paint and posting a buncha stuff I never got around to...

"Take me out to the ball game..."
NYCC 2015 exclusive • 12"x36" 6-color screenprint

"The Wind in the Willows" Book Cover Design
Rock Paper Books • Kickstarter campaign for artists reimagining classic book covers

"Le Chat Orange" • Garfield screenprint
Sold Via Bottleneck Gallery • 18"x24" 3-colors on French Banana Split Paper
Limited Edition of 100
© Paws All Rights Reserved

"The Frighteners" • screening at the Hollywood Theater in Pittsburgh, PA
Sold via Cinema 412 • 18" x 24" 3-color screenprint
proceeds benefited the Michael J. Fox Foundation

"Riley and Bing Bong's Sing Along"
Sold Via Cyclops Print Works • 10"x 20"  7-color screenprint on Stardream Crystal 285 gsm paper
Limited Edition of 250
© Disney/Pixar

"Meet our Crew... Leela"
Sold Via Dark Ink Art • 12" x 24" 4-color screenprint
Edition of 250
© 20th Century Fox

"Meet our Crew... Bender"
Sold Via Dark Ink Art • 12" x 24" 4-color screenprint
Edition of 250
© 20th Century Fox
Sold Via Dark Ink Art • 12" x 36" 6-color screenprint
Edition of 250
© 20th Century Fox

"Team Zissou Activity Sheet"
Sold Via Spoke Art Gallery • 12" x 18" 2-color screenprint
Edition of 50

"Merc with a Mouth - Since 1991"
Sold Via Grey Matter Art • 12" x 24" 4-color screenprint
Edition of 150
© Marvel

"Pulp Fiction"
Sold Via Upper Deck • 12" x 36" 6-color screenprint
Edition of 250
© Miramax

"The Descendents"
Sold Via Rockabilia • 12" x 24" 3-color screenprints
Edition of 77 on each colorway


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