Thursday, November 14, 2013

But it comes with a free frogurt!

That's good.

The frogurt is also cursed!

That's bad.

Here's a look at my official licensed Simpsons print that was sold through Acme Archive Dark Ink site yesterday, 11/13, unfortunately the prints are all sold out.

That's bad (well good for me at least)

Unless you have a toaster that can send you back in time I suppose you're outta luck, but fear not, there will be more Simpsons posters to come so that's good. The Treehouse of Horror episode always feature some of my favorite Simpsons moments and a Halloween tradition (even if it usually aired after the 31st). This one focused on the stories from the first 4 years, still leaves a lot room for future prints.

Treehouse of Horror
Size: 12"x36"
Medium: 6-color screenprint on Cougar Natural 100 Cover
Edition Size: 250 signed and numbered

The Simpsons TM &© Twentieth Century Fox Corporation. All Rights Reserved.


Unknown said...

Look at me! I"m Davy Crockett!

I'm really sad I missed the opportunity to buy this print, I absolutely love it!

Brianna said...

Great rreading this