Monday, January 17, 2011

Froggy's Lament

Froggy takes one step at a time
The way that he moves has no reason or rhyme
He hops and jumps, dodges and ducks
Cars and buses, vans and trucks.

- Buckner & Garcia

This is my piece for the Gallery 1988 Multiplayer: limited edition posters inspired by video games show at their brand new space in Venice, CA. Check out the link to see a bunch of great art inspired by video games of old and new...


Allison said...

It sold out before I could buy it. You should tell them to make more prints... :)


My friend Ron was just out in LA this week and brought back a Frogger postcard for me from the Gallery. I thought it was really cool, small but awesome. I really dig it, wish I could of gotten a print they we're all sold out when I went to check on them Why such a small press run? :( Oh well I'll have to see what else you crank out. It's always a pleasure Dave

See ya on the PULP!

Liz V said...

Sold out quick! How can we buy more?

Dirk said...

I would love to purchase a poster size print to put next to my home built mame cabinet. Are they available somewhere for purchase?

ramona said...

I was too late to the party too - please, PUH-LEEZE let us know when and if more prints become available!