Monday, August 09, 2010

Almost Never Shirt Design

They say "An Elephant never forgets", well that might not hold true for this guy when he starts to second guess himself. Did he leave that iron on right before he\'s about to board the plane for a fun filled week on the beaches of Fiji? Will he return and find his home is a smoldering pile of ash? Did he pack enough underwear?

Help me get my design printed by going to Threadless and scoring it. If my design is printed, Threadless will pay me $2,500 in cash and prizes! Do you know how many pop tarts i could buy with that kinda dough!

Click the link below to vote:


Ashley said...

love your work -- I will be pissed at Threadless if they do not print this shirt -- classic!!

Andrew Smith said...

this is like the craziest shirt that ever design but cool. there are many shirts like these today like the logo of squidoo.. thumbs up for the design.

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