Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This one goes to eleven...


Dr Who... new season is fantastic! While i was a little skeptical about this Matt Smith guy coming on to the show after Tennant, I gotta say i do like him as the newest incarnation of the Doctor even if he does wear a bowtie.


phil said...

hey, dont knock the bow tie!

another great piece.

Bob Canada said...

Awesome illustration!

I'm liking the new Doctor a lot as well. When David Tennant announced he was leaving the show, I was depressed for an entire day. I didn't think anyone could fill his shoes. But when Matt Smith came on board, I was surprised at how good he was, and how quickly I accepted him.

Doc Pastor said...

Doctor Who is a great tv serie:)

This Doctor is fantastic, but I love David Tennant´s Doctor.

I saw your work and is fantastic (I link you blog in http://ruta42.es)

Jen said...

I can't believe no one said it... Bowties are cool! These are lovely, we got your Saving the World One Face at a Time a few months back from etsy, and I just finally found a frame for it, so it will be up next to the Victory! dalek poster once we clear a wall. Might you ever do a full collection of Doctors?

BritishLady said...

Hey GoodSir,
I would like to ask a favour,
Could i borrow the design of this for a school project?
I am going to tweak it slightly.
Let me know,
I'd like you're okay before i go ahead.