Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mad Monster Poker Party!!!

Well here is my rendition of the classic "dogs playing poker" painting but with the Universal Monsters instead...

If you are in the Phoenixville, PA area on Saturday July 14th be sure to swing on down to main street for the annual "Blobfest" celebrating the classic sci-fi movie "the Blob" in the very town in which it was filmed. It's an all day affair that includes a street fair, bands, costume contest, tin foil hat competition and they run the movie in the Colonial Theater that is featured in the movie. It's like you are watching the movie theater in a movie that's in the theater you are sitting in...does that make sense? Anyway, i'll be there sellin' this fine print and a bunch of other crap, so if you're around come on by.


Peter Mayhew said...

Mayhew once played the werewolf in an off-off-off broadway production but I insisted I be called Wookiewolf. Spoooky awesome!!


this looks rad!
i so can't wait the move to philly that way i can hit the blob fest.

mod betty said...

hey thanks for the X= X Ray Specs, let us know when B= Blob is ready-

here's the link to Mr Toast- enjoy!

digging your stuff, keep up the good work!