Monday, June 26, 2006

Here's Johnny!!!

My homage to the Shining, I may try & do some other horror icons.



let see your take on sleepaway camp...that movie was messed up! have you see it? rent it you won't be sorry just watch the whole thing.
this looks great dave at some point i'm going to buy a butt load of this stuff from you.
i was telling julie the other day when the time comes for me and julie to make little furies i want to littler the room with dave art.

montygog said...

Hey Rev,
I've never seen sleepaway camp, but i met some guy that was in the film at a horror convention. I felt bad cause nobody wanted his autograph & then i got stuck talking to him & couldn't get away.


oh see now you have to see it just in case you ever come face to face with that guy again.
i had the samething happen to me with the guy who played beastmaster