Monday, September 11, 2006

Li'l Scamp Invades Baltimore Comic Con 2006

This weekend, Li'l Scamp reeked havoc on the Baltimore Comic Convention...

Here's Li'l Scamp hanging around all his bad-ass merchandise.

Li'l Scamp, Happy Derby & Tom "Freckles" Whalen

Li'l Scamp, Mad Derby & Tom "Where's Pat McMullen" Whalen

Li'l Scamp & Lou from Geek Boy Press

Li'l Scamp checking out the latest issue of Koni Waves!

Li'l Scamp raiding Koni Waves free candy!

Uh, Oh! Watch out Li'l Scamp it's Rob Reilly!

Li'l Scamp smoozing with Michael Avon Oeming!

Li'l Scamp and "the Goon" creator, Eric Powell!

Li'l Scamp pal'ing around with his new buddy Owly

Watch out Li'l Scamp, looks like Link from Zelda thinks you're some kinda monster!

Li'l Scamp must be up to no good if he's hanging around the Riddler!

Oh No! Li'l Scamp has gotten into big trouble with Morpheus from "the Matrix" & Spiderman!!!


geekboypress said...

Is Eric Powell tryin' ta molest the little guy?


it does looks as if powell is tryin' to make time with the scamptastic one.

Troy Zurel said...

Thanks for hooking me up with that Thing print at the end of the show. Also great to meet you guys....look forward to seeing you again at other cons.

Jules said...

OH MY GOD! its my lil scampy all over... I freakin' love this! great idea. I love this!!!!!!!!! it made my day!! thank you dave!!!

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